Ask any married man if he thinks he was hit on more when he was single you will be surprised to learn he has been approached more as a married man.What is it about a married man that women find so attractive?Easy, it is because she can’t have him.Women are competitive; they want what another woman has.If a woman believes the man already has a woman, then there is a quality in that man which another woman found worthy of his pursuit.This will not only spike her interest as to what this quality is, but it will make her feel like less of a woman.She will feel compelled to gain back her self worth and prove to herself that she is either as good looking or better looking then your wife.The only way she can do this, is by stealing the man away.You can also see this in action with girls who are best friends or roommates.It is not uncommon for a girl to date the ex of one of their friends.This is referred to as mate copying.The best part about this is just the act of being off the market is enough to tell all other woman that you are a man with qualities women desire.There is no selling yourself.

It is also important to note that there is a sense of drama and excitement that goes with sleeping with a married man.The thought of getting caught provides a huge degree of excitement, enough that she will be able to climax on the idea alone.She also knows a married man has no strings attached.She knows that he can’t get involved long term.She goes into the night knowing that this will be a one time affair and will not have to put any emotion into the act.To her this is just sex.Even if she believes the act of sleeping with a married man is wrong, the woman will feel justified about sleeping with him because he came onto her, and ultimately he is to blame for breaking his vows, she is just the innocent victim.

This is one of the easiest setups to pull off.The visual of the wedding ring on the finger says everything, I’m married, I’m taken, and you can’t have me.All that is required on your part is a ring and a background story.Any cheap ring will do.Just place it on your left hand’s ring finger.The next step is to develop a background story.It is best to have one laid out before hand.Nothing looks worse then stumbling for answers when she asks details and it takes 10 seconds to respond, or forgetting your own story and getting caught in a lie.We want to keep this short and easy to remember.You just want the basics, name, how you met, how long you’ve been together, and your song.If you want to get more detailed, include a picture in your wallet.If you do include a picture, you want to use the most attractive, believable, picture. If the other woman sees the picture, she will immediately compare herself to her and will only continue to pursue if she feels that the woman in the picture is more attractive then her.

I like using this routine because it requires little work on your part and its best for nights when I just want a one time fling.Women will be more likely to hit on you, and it is easier to approach women because they are not threatened by you.A married man does not openly hit on women at the bar.Because of this, we will set up our targets, slightly different.We will be taking a passive approach.If we were to be aggressive in our approach we would come off as sleazy and would turn off the target and all the other women in the room(remember women are more perceptive and what you do at one end of the room, is seen by the women at the other end).The first passive approach is simply to talk to women on behalf of your friend.In this way you can engage in conversation but it appears as though you are doing so to help out a buddy.The second passive approach is to ask the target their opinion of a marital problem you are having back at home.Every woman thinks that she is a problem solver, and that her advice will somehow make the two of you fall in love again; for this reason she will answer your question.

Which ever approach you use, the next phase of conversation is the same.We initially want to steer the conversation towards problems at home, specifically the idea that the wife might be unfaithful.This plants a number of ideas in the targets head.First that there is a problem and the target may have an answer. This peaks her interest.Secondly she now knows that your relationship is unstable and she has an open door to steal you away.Most importantly it starts to break down her defense to the idea of helping you cheat on your spouse.It helps her to shift blame to the unfaithful spouse and she may even feel like she is committing a good deed by helping you get back at your wife.

At this point, the target is in to deep.From here take it the same as you would with any other pickup.Watch her body language and respond accordingly.Before long you will have her.Just go into the night knowing that nothing long term will come out of this.Best of all this is guilt free excuse to get away from a target we want nothing more to do with.All you have to do is say, “I’m sorry, I’m married.”Point the ring and you’re off scot-free.

Materials Needed:

Wedding Band

Wife’s Name

Story of how you met your wife

How long you’ve been married


Picture of Wife

Scenario 1: She approaches you


This is the best situation you could be in; though don’t wait around all night for it to happen.At this point the woman has already made up her mind.She wants to find out what you have, and prove her worth by stealing you away.Respond to her body language and use the basic pickup strategy and she will be yours tonight.Remember, when a woman makes the first move she has already decided that you are a worthy candidate to sleep with.All you have to do is not screw it up.

Scenario 2: You approach the target with a question


Approach the target and ask for her opinion on one of the following:

a) My wife just got a new job and her Manager has been buying a lot of expensive gifts.At first I didn’t mind but she’s spending more and more time at work.When I confronted her about it she got upset and says this job makes her happy and she doesn’t want to quit.I trust her but I don’t trust this guy.What should I do.

b) I’ve been married for about 8 months now and everything was fine until about a 3 weeks ago.She went out of state on a girls trip / business trip, and ever since she has been back she’s been avoiding me.When I ask her if everything is okay she says she is fine.Do you think something happened on the trip?

c) What perfume is that you’re wearing?It reminds me of my wife’s.(could be better)

Now wait for her to respond and pretend to care.Its game on.Thank her for her advice and change subject.Only talk about the wife if she asks.Watch her body language and respond accordingly.Tell her this is the first time out with the boys in a while and you’re just looking to have fun.Control yourself from making a move too fast.Things must be done slow.When she starts to move in warn her that she is being naughty and you could get in trouble for this.The more you fight her the harder she will try.Stay with the basic strategy and you’ll be cheating on your wife in no time.

Scenario 3: Approach the target on behalf of a friend


Scenario 3 plays out much like Scenario 2

Approach the target and say the following:

a) My buddy over there (point) finds you stunning!

b) As the married guy of the group I’ve been tasked with hooking up my single friends.You’d be perfect for the job.

This could go one of two ways.Either you strike up a conversation where you stand, or she comes back to the group.

3a: You strike up a conversation where you stand

Immediately go into basic strategy watching her response.If she asks questions about your wife answer them, and ask a question from scenario 2.At this point you have moved to scenario 2 and will follow the same guidelines.

3b: You take her back to meet your friends

After introductions take a stance that is almost facing your target and start to have side conversations with her. At this point follow the previous steps laid out.

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