So the other day I was surfing online and I came across a slight variation to the 5 minute cube personality test.  See the original here.

1) Imagine a large white room

2) In that room, there is a cube.
-Is the cube clear or does it have colors?
-Is the cube floating or is it on the ground?
-Is the cube small, medium, or large?

3) Imagine flowers.
-Where are they inside the room?
-Are there a lot of flowers or a little?

4) Imagine a ladder inside the room
-Where is the ladder inside the white room?
-Is the ladder small, medium, or large?

5) Imagine a horse inside the  room
-Where is the horse located at?
-Name three characteristics about the horse (ex: fun, crazy, mean)

6) Imagine a thunderstorm inside the room.
-Where it is?
-How big is it?

So what does it all mean?

THE CUBE – The Cube represents yourself, your ego, how you see yourself in the world.

FLOWERS – Flowers represent family and friends.  The more flowers the more oriented towards family you are, either you have a lot of children or want a lot of children.  The closer to the cube the more likely you are to let people become close to you.

LADDER – The ladder represents ambition.  How reachable your goals are, do you dream big or small?

HORSE – the horse represents your spouse and what type you would like.  The three traits are traits you are looking for in your spouse.

THUNDERSTORM - The thunderstorm represents your problems.  The bigger the thunderstorm the bigger the problems in your life or how they affect you on a daily basis.

The biggest differences you see in this method is that instead of a desert you use a white room as the setting.  The ladder represents goals, where it used to represent your friends, and flowers can represent friends and family, rather then children.  What does this mean to you?  Absolutely nothing.  The great thing about this personality test is that it is open to interpretation.  What the target actually says means very little.  Your success with this routine is your ability to sell the idea.  To get her interested in you.  You are showing her that you are entertaining, have something to offer that is different then every other guy out there, and are building sexual chemistry.  You can mix up every single meaning, but the end result will always be the same as long as you present this routine in an entertaining manner.

Here is an example of this routine I did out in the field last week.

I was at Old Chicago flirting back and forth with the waitress.  A restaurant lends to such a perfect opportunity to use this routine.  The cute waitress is already carrying a pen with her at all times, so I grabbed a napkin and asked her if she wanted to take a personality test.  She of course took the bait, and I was in.  Using the idea of the white room works so much better then the desert, because about 90% of the time I use this routine I am using it either in a restaurant or at the bar, where the quickest item at my disposal is a napkin.  White napkin, white room, it only makes sense.  Other then that I kept to the original plan, just because I am used to that one.

Cube – Her cube was fairly large, she said it was solid, and it was brown.

Ladder - Her ladder is leaning on the cube, it to is brown.

Horse - She described her horse as “Big” “Dumb” and “Lazy”, off doing it’s own thing.  It was also brown.

Flowers - She had one flower, it was placed on the cube.

Storm – She said her storm was outside the room, but you can see it through the window she drew.

My Analysis

I told Jasmine that she tends to think highly of herself.  She is a strong woman with strong ideals and personality.  She is dependable, reliable, and trustworthy.  Because of this her friends tend to lean on her quite a bit because they are not as strong as her, but when in trouble she knows that she can reach out to them in times of need and they will be there for her.  She wants to have one child.  Being an only child, she will be very close to him/her.  She has internal motherly instincts, and will protect her child at all costs.  She will place them before anything else.  In her mate she is looking for a big, tall, strong man.  He may not be at the same educational level as her, but he is dependable.  Since she is a strong woman, she does not depend on a man to make her happy.  He will be a part of her life, but she will be following her own path.  Last of all, she does not let the issues in her life affect her day to day business.  They are in the back of her mind, but they are minimal and do not serve as a distraction to her.

After my explanation I asked her to sign her piece of artwork so I can take it home and place in on my fridge.  She responded with a nice, “Yeah Right!  I have got to see this!”  comment, to which I replied, “Well why don’t you write down your number as well so I can invite you over and show you!”  Cheesy?  Maybe, but it worked.

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