We constantly preach that looks and style matter very little in the pickup game.  Your body language, Alpha Male presence, and ability to create sexual attraction is what ultimately will win over any woman.  In the world of business and social networking, your appearance matters just a little bit more, as impressions are made within the first four seconds of meeting a potential client or business partner, and those crucial first four seconds will make the difference between you closing the deal and you looking for a new line of work.  In a business setting you always want to dress to impress, and by this I mean you want to out dress your client by about 15%.  If you out dress them too much you may make them feel uncomfortable and if you under dress you will appear lazy, sloppy, and unbusinesslike.  15% means if they wear jeans and a t-shirt, you wear a button up shirt.  If they wear a button up shirt, you add a tie.  This goes in hand with knowing who your client is, just like in the pickup game, the know you more about your potential target, (cold reading, observations, profiling) the better chance you have at succeeding with said target.

Sooner or later throughout your conversation with a woman, it will come around to what kind of work you do.  For those of you with a really sweet job you probably have already told her twenty times what you do for a living, which is annoying in itself, but if she’s still asking you questions about your line of work, she probably digs it.  If you are the one who keeps bringing it up, she’s bored of you and in another five mintues or so you will be telling some other girl what you do for a living.  Now what if you have a real crappy job, or no job at all.  Well you can still create a professional appearance, and for under $20.  What is this secret?  Business cards.  Not just any kind of business card, a card to promote you.  Because in the pick up scene what are you doing?  Promoting yourself to potential women, right? To quote the late great comedian Mitch Hedberg, “I got a business card because I want to win some lunches.  That’s what my business card says, “Mitch Hedgerg, Potential Lunch Winner.  Give me a call, maybe we’ll have lunch, if I’m lucky!”"

So create a business card to promote yourself.  Let’s say you have just gotten yourself a girl’s number and she asks for yours.  Instead of being like everyone else and typing it into her phone, say, “Let me give you my business card.”  She will definitely remember you.  If you are a student, how many other cheese dicks out there do you know have a business card, zero, because it is something that is reserved for professionals.  As girls come close to their senior year of college who do you think they will pay more attention to, the frat boy or the guy with the professional image who actually looks like he will be successful after he graduates.

What better way to make new contacts than to hand them a business card after meeting them.  Especially if you are looking for a job.  You won’t always be carrying your folder of resumes around, but you can easily have 10 business cards in your pocket.

Ok so what kind of cards are we talking about?  I actually carry around 6 different business cards, based on who I happen to meet at that time.  I have 3 different professional business cards 1 fun business card, 1 general business card, and 1 job hunting card.  The first card I have is of my publisher, Brownfish Publishing.  It has all the standard info but my job title is Vice President of Marketing.  The second card is also of Brownfish Publsihing but this has the title of General Manager.  Based on who I am talking to and what kind of contact I am trying to make, I will give out different ones.  So if I am trying to make a sale of the book, or am talking to someone about an ad campaign, I give them my V.P. of marketing card.  Or if I talking to a potential author I am trying to sign on with Brownfish, then I will give them my General Manager card.  Make sense?  I also have a Get In Her Mind card with a job title of PUA.  When I’m out at the bars and people recognize myself or Taylor, we give them our Get In Her Mind cards, because at that time, that is our professional image, not Brownfish Publishing.  I also have a standard Nick Andrews business card to give to a girl which has my basic info, email, phone number, because if I give her a PUA card, she may be turned off easily.  Last I have a fun business card, that says, “Nick Andrews, Golf Ball Whacker Guy!”   The last card I have is my job promotion card, which basicaly lists what kind of future job I would like to pursue when the time is right.  You never know when you might meet a contact in the field you want to get into.  Even if you aren’t looking for that job now, in 6 months they may call you up with an opening, you never know.

Now I know what you’re thinking, where do I get mine?  Well there are two things to remember at first, who is going to design it, and who is going to print it.  The first option to to design it yourself.  You can buy business cards at any office deport that will fit in your home printer, download a template for word and create and your own.  It’s quick and easy and it’s how I used to do mine, but after wasting all my ink and my printer jamming for the hundreth time, I decided to go online.  Just google business cards and find a site online that will print them for you.  They will look better, they have pre made templates where all you have to do is type in your information and a week later your cards will arrive in the mail.  The choice is yours, and now you know.