Its only a matter of time before a woman decides to take things further and sleep with you.The only thing we are concerned about, is how much time will this take and what can we do to speed things up?Well we already know tricks to intimacy such as breaking the intimate zone barrier through touch, but ultimately every woman has her own idea of how much time she needs to have known someone before she lets him inside.To make things more difficult this is not the standard time we think of as in hours and days, but some internal clock she has in her head.The moment she decides to sleep with you is something we call, blowing her wad.

There are many different factors that can affect this.A very religious girl can be hard to break because not only are you up against her (wad factor) factor of time, but also her religion and its views on sex.If you are not of the same religion, that to can have negative affects because you do not fit the mold of her potential mate and partner; remember women mostly think long term.A girl who is a virgin, can be hard to open because of her feelings of insecurity of her own body and her lack of experience, and she could still be waiting for that perfect Hollywood moment of losing her virginity to the “one”.On the opposite end, we have the girls that everyone has slept with but you (that is until we start applying the basic principles).This girl will be ready to blow her wad at any given second.It has nothing to do with having all the qualities of being the perfect mate, its just a matter of just being next to her when she decides she wants to go home and fuck.Then we have the girls on vacation, out of towners, or summer flings.This can be when we go on a trip and meet local girls, when we meet girls on vacation, any situation where both parties know that no long term relationship can develop because you will only be around for a few days.These girls are also quick to blow their wad because time is short, and there are no expectations of a relationship.She can have guilt free sex because there is no time to invest her emotions.She is willing to drop her panties and all other barriers in the sake of having a good time.

Let’s go back and see how a woman comes up with this idea of her wad and how we can exploit that.The easiest way to think of it, is not by minutes, but as to specific dates.Lets take the following scenario that we are all too familiar with.We find someone we like, get her number, call her up and make plans for the weekend.We take her out to the movies, maybe go out for desert, have some interesting conversation, but that’s about it.On date two, we initiate some contact, playful touching, and go out for dinner.If things go well we get a hug.On date three we go bowling, walk around the park, and finally we get a kiss.Things slowly progress further and further, till 3 months later, she finally lets us in and (she blows her wad)we get to sleep with her.Sound familiar?Well that’s a nice story to tell the grandchildren, but we’re not reading this book to follow the norm.We want instant results.We want to achieve in 2 or 3 dates what takes 3 months to accomplish.How do we do this?Time distortion.You see, when a woman thinks about a man she is dating, she doesn’t remember specific dates, she recalls distinct situations.If you took a girl out to dinner, to the movies, and then the coffee shop, she doesn’t remember just one date, but three separate and distinct experiences.Dinner is one experience, the movies are a second experience, and the coffee shop is a third experience.But to her they might as well be three separate dates.

So how does this apply to us?By taking the girl to different locations she will start to break down her barriers.One date will feel like three.Two dates will feel like 6.After a week it will be as though she has known you for over a month.From my experience the average girl will blow her wad after one week standard time, or one month wad time.Now you may be thinking, this would work, but three dates in one can be expensive.Not every date has to cost money. In our book “Get In Her Mind, Get In Her Bed” we provide many scenarios and examples of low cost and potentially free dates.More often, it’s the cheap dates that have the most impact because of the thought you put into creating such a great date for her. Keep in mind, the goal is not to take her on a date she will never forget, but to make her think she has been on three or four dates in one afternoon. That is when we can go into the advanced techniques of time distortion, implanting future visualizations.

I refer to this next technique as advanced because if done incorrectly it can have drastic negative affects and turn you from the stud she wanted to blow her wad with, to a needy creepy jerk, which is a violation of chump rule number 3, don’t be needy.Implanting future visualizations is a technique where you describe a possible future between you and the girl (target).Tell her a likely event involving the two of you that could happen in the next three to six months.What this does is it gets the girl (target) to visualize a relationship with you.The more and more she sees herself with you, the more open, and comfortable she feels being around you.The girl (target) starts to feel as though she actually has known you for six months, and she is comfortable with the acts of intimacy that normal couples are experienced with after six months of dating.It is best to tell stories with a great amount of detail.The more detail you provide the easier it will be for her (the target) to see the story in her head.The better the picture, the better chance you will have of her believing your story.We also want to include stories of the two of you becoming successful and wealthy.It does not matter what your current situation is.Even if you have $5 to your name and the only car you drive is the city bus, it is irrelevant.Women judge you on your potential.If you make her believe that one day you will own your own business, and be worth millions, all with her by your side.She will see you as a great investment, and a man of quality.

Now herein lies the danger.A story that is to far fetched, or telling too many stories, can turn the girl off and looking for a quick exit.We can’t start talking about marriage and kids after knowing her for a few hours, nor do we want to tell a bunch of stories involving the two of us.Either one looks bad, makes you come off as a stalker, and no amount of game can recover from that.This technique also involves a lot of attention on our part.Refer to the chapter in the book where we talk about how the words we say affect the three types of individuals, visual, audial, and kinesthetic.Visuals respond better to words like see, picture, imagine, visualize.Auditory people respond to hear, sound, ring a bell.While kinesthetic respond to think, and feel.By gauging their body language to the right words, you can create a story they’ll respond to.

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