So tonight I went out to the bar and it was packed with trash, when out of nowhere a hot ass girl appears with a guy, so of course I’m thinking she is taken.Soon after she is going around with a tip jar asking for tips for the DJ.She comes up to me and says, “Tip for the DJ?” So I told her, “Why should I tip DJ Jeff ?He hasn’t done anything for me.”She says something smart, I don’t remember I was pretty drunk so I replied with, “So he sends out the hottest girl in the bar with tip jar and says tips?”She leaves and gets tips from a few other people and comes back to me.I didn’t know if she heard me the first time so I repeat the, “You are hot comment” and reach for my wallet and said, “Well I guess it works.”At the same time she tells me I’m cute and that she’ll be back.She comes back and we dance and I banter her a bit and work my game, it was awesome she was mine.She was friendly with everyone but kept telling me most of the guys were gay this and that.A little later this guy shows up, and I’m pretty sure they had something going on but I didn’t leave.We danced some more and she tried to explain herself, so I told her not to worry about you don’t owe me anything.Oh and she asked for my number before that.

So she goes and dances with this guy so I wait for a few songs and they come back.When the three of us are at the table she keeps grabbing my leg as if to tell me, “Don’t be discouraged.”He finally leaves and I say I’m going to go but that she should call me to hang out this weekend.She looks me in the eye and says, “Oh definitely!”She hugs me and I walk out.So my question is did I do everything by the book?I’m kind of worried she won’t call me, I know she works there every Thursday so if I don’t hear from her I’m thinking I should go back next week and see her again.


You played it like a pro, you had this girl eating up every word you said.You started it off right with the, “Why should I tip Jeff comment.”This girl is working, collecting tips for the DJ, she had a job to do.Compare it to a stripper giving a lap dance, at that moment in time, you were nothing but a client to her.With your comment you snapped her out of the stripper mindset, and made her realize that you were human.You intrigued her interest by being funny.99% of the other males there believe that if they gave her a big tip, she would notice them, but really all they were doing is strengthening that stripper / client relationship and she didn’t even notice them.You messed up by giving her a tip the second time around, but that did not hurt you because you had already established a human relationship with the girl so it did no harm.

When girls talk about other guys, it can be one of two things, they are either trying to make you jealous, or they are trying to tell you they are taken.It all depends on how they talk about the other guy.If she says they are wonderful, he’s so great, I like this and that about him, she has feelings for the guy.If she talks about other guys and talks trash about them, she wants to show you that many guys find her attractive and make you jealous, but it is also her way of saying, “Hey I’m available.”

You played it right when the other guy came around by acting like it didn’t bother you.When the two were dancing you should have gotten up and walked around the bar, start up some conversations with some other girls to show her that you can drop her at any moment.She would have quickly ditched the guy to come find you if you had put it in her head that she could lose you.Instead you acted like a “good boy” patiently waiting.

The physical contact is always a good sign, I hope you were touching back.When the three of you were at the table did you talk with the other guy?It would have been a great time to banter her and get him to tell some embarrassing stories about her, or involve her in some role playing about how the two of you are going to take a trip to Mexico to build homes for habitat for humanity.

Everything was going in your favor, but what were you thinking by not closing and getting her number?She was into you, she broke the touch barrier, you chased the competition away.She gave you every opportunity to get her digits and you froze.What you have now done is given her all the power of the relationship.She calls the shots, this is not the attitude of an Alpha Male.While you’re waiting by the phone for her to call she’s off doing who knows what.You never leave yourself in a powerless position.If she doesn’t call and you head back there next week it will show desperation on your part.In my experience, I think she will call and you will be fine. Take the lessons you learned from this experience and continue learning, you are well on your way.

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