Rule one of having a killer house party, is to make sure the girls outnumber the guys.Once that problem is solved, we want to make sure the girls are having a good time, throwing back some drinks, and letting loose.The easiest way to do that is to get them liquored up.While you can always go out and buy some wine coolers or other bitch brews, I personally feel like less of a man after walking out of the store.To solve this little dilemma, I have the perfect solution for you.A drink called Orange Crème.Very potent and very sweet tasting.

1 Liter of White Rum

1.5 Cups of Sugar

3 Oranges

This will take some time to ferment, so you need to backwards plan.At least 3 days before the party, mix the Rum and the sugar together in a cooler.Next add the 3 oranges.Keep the oranges whole, do not peel them.Put the top on the cooler and store in a cool place, such as the garage.The concoction will ferment and the rum will take on the taste of the oranges.When ready to serve, this won’t even taste like alcohol, getting your guests plenty drunk.If you need more, just keep the ratios the same, Rum to sugar.A five gallon cooler should be plenty for the night.

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