One aspect of pick up that I never get tired of, is being able to clown the other guys at the bars. They make it too easy and it never gets old. Being able to pull the hottest girl doesn’t always come easily. Sometimes you need to reaffirm your place on the top. These other Alpha Males don’t think you have what it takes to pull that girl and they will try to come take her from you. Usually around this time you don’t have much to worry about. You’re already in good with the target and she will blow him off for you, but why let her do the talking for you? Claim your girl in front of everyone and she will be yours the rest of the night.

On the Dance Floor
This one is too easy. Your girl is dancing either by herself or with some friends enjoying the moment while you kick back some beers when some prick starts dancing next to her. Set your beer down, walk right up to her, grab her and start dancing. The prick will stand around for about 15 seconds before he feels like an idiot dancing by himself and walks off. Dance a few more songs before going to finish your beer. Rinse and repeat.

Group Conversation
This is the only time you will ever directly confront another Alpha Male. Talking in a group can make or break you. If you find yourself becoming quiet and not doing any of the talking, guess what your girl is losing interest in you. You need to focus the attention back on you. The easiest way to do this is disagree with whatever he has to say. Agreeing with him, is giving him approval. So disagree with his opinions, then once the attention is back on you, change subjects, go into a routine, and shift the girl’s focus back to you. Now disagreeing with someone always leads to confrontations, he may respond with some kind of insult trying to put you down. If he does this you’re golden. For example he says, “Nice shirt what are you Gay!” Being called gay is actually a fairly common insult among other Alpha Males, just respond with, “What was that? It’s loud in here I didn’t quite hear that.” He will of course repeat it because he wants to make sure you heard him, so again he will say, “Nice shirt what are you Gay!” This time point to your ear and say, “Sorry Bro, the music is loud in here, can you say that louder?” Now the guy is ticked off for having to repeat himself and will be practically shouting at you. After he says his insult for the third time, smile turn to your girl and say, “This guy is slow, how many more times do you think I can get him to repeat himself before he catches on I’m just making an ass out of him?” The girls will all laugh and the guy will one of two things, walk away or come at you with another insult. Turn to him and say, “Do you really want to play this game again, I’m bored.” Turn to your girl and say, “Come on let’s go dance.” Leaving the guy stumped in his tracks.

While You Were Gone
I can’t stand this next group of guys, these are nothing but cowards. They wait until the girl is free before making their move. Either you leave to get a drink or use the bathroom or worse, when she is on her way to the bathroom, they stop her. They want to avoid confrontation directly with you, but at the same time want to sneak around behind your back hoping to steal her away. Most times you won’t even see this go down because your girl would have gotten rid of them by the time you get back, but if they are still there, be ready. If the guy is still there you can either grab your girl by the hand and take her away, or walk up and put your arm around her. Once the guy sees that he will go into a defensive mode, trying to act like he wasn’t trying to do anything and 9 out of 10 times he will introduce himself, “Hey man I’m John, I was just…blah blah blah..your girl is so beautiful…so on and so on.” Really these guys aren’t much of a threat, they just piss me off. Depending on my mood I’ll do one of two things. Either go into a story talking about how it’s our 1 year anniversary and that John should buy us a round of drinks to celebrate (I always love free drinks) and possibly make a new buddy (These guys are usually so helpless, you almost feel bad for them and want to help them get a girl). Or I blow him off completely and screw up his name. So if he says, “Hey man I’m John..” interrupt him and say, “Nice to meet you Jack. Now Josh, if you excuse us we’re going to go dance.” And grab your girl by the arm and go.

You won’t find yourself having too many confrontations with other Alpha Males, but when you do you need to be ready and be able to stand up for yourself. It’s like the bully back in 3rd grade. Once you are able to stand up to him he backs down and moves on to another target that won’t give him any trouble. Prove you are the Alpha Male and take what belongs to you.

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