Women are not at the bar to talk to their girl friends.They are out to have a good time, have a few drinks, and meet a guy or two.The average woman will spend two to three hours getting ready for a night out.From picking out what clothes to wear, to doing her hair and makeup, chatting with their friends as to what to wear and where to go.Their whole goal is to look good to attract you.So do not be afraid to approach and start a conversation.Remember you are there to make her night.You are the reason she gets dressed up when she goes out.Don’t worry if you see her rejecting guys.It’s common for any woman to build up a natural defense when she goes out.She is so used to guys coming up and hitting on her with the same cheesy pick up lines, that she automatically is programmed to say no.They like to hold themselves to a standard.They did not just spend the last three hours to be picked up by the first guy that comes along in ratty jeans and an old t-shirt.They could have stayed at home for that.

There are the girls who want nothing more to go out and dance, let loose all her frustrations from the week.These women can go either way.If she’s got a drink in her hand and she is giving you the right signals, go for it, because dancing can only relieve so much stress.A romp in the sack with you might be exactly what she needs.If the girl is sober and not drinking, she needs to be avoided at all costs.Unless she is giving you all the right signals and you can hold your own on the dance floor, she is more trouble then she is worth.

We also need to watch out for the bitter friends.Every group has one, the man hater, the recent break up, the ugly one.One girl in the group who is upset for whatever reason and wants to bring the rest of the group down with her.She feels it is her duty to protect her friends from the evils of men.The best defense is a good offense.You will have to play the wingman card.Someone is going to have to distract this menace for the sake of the group.If you don’t have anyone willing, just pay her the most attention.Spend twenty minutes breaking down her defenses and show her what a great guy you can be.Once you get her in a good move, you can start going after the girl of your choice.

And don’t worry about people around you.No need to be self conscious when approaching and talking to women. Everyone is rooting for you to succeed.The other women wish it was them you were talking to, and the other guys are jealous because they haven’t got the balls to go talk to the girl.Let them watch, and get used to them watching you, because you’re the man of the hour.

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