First impressions matter.Within the first twenty to thirty seconds of meeting someone they are evaluating you from head to toe, making a lasting first impression.You are evaluated on your appearance, your body language, and your mannerisms.Every aspect of you is taken into account.Once that first impression is made, there is not a whole lot we can do to change it.First impressions are human nature and processed in the mind subconsciously.There is nothing we can do to stop it, but we can damn sure create the type of first impression we want.

The average guy makes the mistake of creating the Big Brother Type (BBT) first impression.They are afraid of coming across as a jerk, so they act polite, keep their hands to themselves, and are respectful, which is great if you don’t want to get laid.You spend all night talking to the target being respectful, then she runs off with another guy and you are left with nothing.

From the instant you meet a target, you need to let your feelings be known.You need to condition her to act a certain way around you.The way we do this is by flirting, touching, and creating sexual chemistry.From her standpoint this is the way we act all the time and we are conditioning her to act this way around us in the future.The next time we see her and we do not flirt, or make contact in some way she will think something is wrong.Just like if we were to act respectful and make no move.The target would think we are acting “weird” if all of a sudden we start trying to make a move on her.That we are acting out of our element.

The biggest mistake guys make, is not making any physical contact during the first encounter.If you want any chance with the target, either tonight or in the future, you must make physical contact sometime during the night.Holding her hand, touching her arm or small of the back when talking to her, even a simple hug when you part ways.Your actions will set precedent for all future encounters.If you make no attempt, then she will think you are not interested.Girl’s like those who like them, so if you show no interest, there is no reason for them to think of you anything more then a platonic friend, a big brother, and no one wants to hear the words, “You’re like a big brother to me.”

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