If you ever needed a list of things not to do around women, here you go.Don’t be surprised if you have made the list once or twice.These are common mistakes most guys make in the game of pick up.

Trying to Convince A Woman To Like Him
Women are either attracted to you or they’re not.No amount of convincing will make them think otherwise.Know when to move on and find another girl.Just because the one you like didn’t work out doesn’t mean she still doesn’t have a use for us.She has friends and will be more then willing to hook you up with one.

Not Making A Decision
Women love men who take charge.They want a man who can take care of them.Men are programmed to be the protector, so start acting like it.Don’t ever utter the words, “Whatever you want to do.”Make a decision, a bad decision is better then no decision at all.

Giving Too Many Compliments
An attractive woman will get complimented throughout the day.If you compliment her from the start what’s to separate you from every other guy that thinks she’s beautiful.Women build up natural defenses to automatically reject a guy that gives her too many compliments.Make yourself stand out.

Using Pick Up Lines
The only thing pick up lines are good for is making you look like an idiot.Even the best lines will make you look foolish and it will come off rehearsed if you stumble over your lines.Just go over and introduce yourself, a simple, “Hi” works every time.

Trying To Impress
Most guys think that by throwing around money, gifts, or other high dollar items, that women will be instantly impressed with them.While you might be able to find yourself a “Gold digger”, women who are impressed by these sorts of things aren’t worth the time of day.You would be better off getting a high dollar prostitute, at least in the end you would have gotten laid. Women are impressed by the qualities a man has, so start displaying the qualities they find most attractive.

Waiting For Women To Approach Them
It’s not a woman’s job to approach men, so stop sitting there and go talk to her.By the time the average guy will make his approach the female has already given over an average of eight flirting signals.Learn to read a woman’s body language and you’ll never be rejected again.

Continue Doing The Same Thing
If what you are currently doing is not working to bring women into your life, it is not going to magically start working tomorrow.Face it, it’s time for a change.Stop repeating the same mistakes and learn a new approach.

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